About Us


Green Lines Transportation, Inc. is a unified, motivated regional trucking specialist.  We are proud of our record of satisfying the individual needs of our customers from both a common and a contract motor carrier status. Our success is attributed to our employees' commitment to provide outstanding service in the marketplace, and uphold our company values through our ISO Quality Certification.


Since our inception, we have consistently grown through our customer base by establishing a reliable shipping reputation and building partnerships through a dedicated on-site asset based logistics management. Our fleet of 150 company owned and controlled vehicles consists of the most modern and efficient tractors available. Our trailers consists of spread axles, tandems, and multiple axles, all equipped with side kits or rolling tarp systems to handle the various products of our customers. Steel coils, blanks, sheets, bar stock, tubing, guardrail, building products and lumber fill out the majority of our shipments.


We look forward to hauling your material in a timely manner and as our safety logo says.........


                                                                                SAFETY IS PART OF OUR DELIVERY!